Public Notice: Yield Farm Vote

we are holding a dao vote for the next yield farm

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As we have mentioned in our previous post there will be a vote to determine which will be our next yield farm. This is a rather important vote because in this case we are voting which Blue Chip token to bring into Ebisu's Bay. At Ebisu's Bay we have a minimum amount of liquidity in order to enabled yield farming and whitelisting of tokens and so the Ebisu's Bay team will purchase the minimum required liquidity to seed the DEX for the farm. In addition we will make a high yield farm to encourage other to join into providing liquidity for this new DEX offering.

For This particular vote we will leverage to manage the voting. As always your voting power will be determined by the Mitama token in your wallet. Mitama can only be gained by staking Fortune token into the Ebisu's Bay bank and it can not be transferred. The snapshot for Mitama will be taken randomly during the day on June 1st 2024 and the voting will open on shortly after and run for 1 week.

The choices will be:





You will be able to spread your vote between multiple choices. IE) You have 10 Mitama you can put 7 points into $MERY and 3 points into $RIP. We request you vote for the token you intend to provide liquidity for or delegate your vote to those who will provide liquidity.

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