Yield Farms Officially Live

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Yield Farms are a core part of any DEX ecosystem and at Ebisu's Bay things are no different. So naturally we are very excited to cut the red tape on our latest milestone. Yield Farms will help us strengthen the liquidity of the tokens in our ecosystem by rewarding liquidity providers with Fortune tokens. At launch our farms are divided into three main categories.

CORE Pools  

These pools are the most important to the success of the platform and have the highest yield and will always be guaranteed rewards in the future without the need to compete on the Moggy Money Market.


Volume Based Rewards

Next are those pools which are boosted for having the highest volume since the launch of our DEX. These have shown outstanding community activity and we are very happy to give back by giving extra high yield farms which will run for one month.


Community Spotlight Farms

We also want to highlight some up-and-coming communities who Ebisu's Bay would not be the same without. These farms will also be ongoing for 1 month.


What's Next

Next up we are hosting a community vote right now in our Discord on who will be the next Spotlight farm. Shortly after we will launch another vote for the community on which blue chip meme token trading on VVS but not yet Ebisu's Bay that we will purchase tokens for and launch pools and farms. Be sure to join into our discord to rock the vote! https://discord.gg/ebisusbay

Astute readers may have noticed we mentioned above that the emissions of these farms will be determined by our upcoming DAO game Moggy Money Market. We will continue to drop information about this exciting new addition to our ecosystem in the coming weeks explaining how communities will use their Mitama gained by staking our token Fortune to gain control of the Moggy Money Market and send rewards to their favorite LP.

Don't waste anytime, get started earning rewards by providing liquidity for your favorite tokens today! https://app.ebisusbay.com/dex/farms

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