Where Legends
Trade and Play

Ebisu's Bay is a dynamic platform that combines NFT and DEX trading with GameFi, enabling users to join factions for market dominance. It transforms NFTs into engaging game elements, adding an interactive dimension to trading and gaming.

Ebisu’s bay lore

They say the echoes of ancient battles still resonate through Ebisu’s Bay, where digital titans and mythical creatures once clashed, shaping the realm's destiny.

Now, modern traders wield this arcane knowledge to maneuver through markets with the precision of seasoned strategists.

Step into the tavern, roll the dice, and let the echoes guide your hand.

Ryoshi with knife

Our friendly community meme token, Released as a celebration for the launch of our DEX and a big thank you to our amazing community for their 2+ years of support.


dynamic NFT Marketplace and DEX

Navigate the bustling NFT marketplace and DEX of Ebisu’s Bay, where you can buy, sell, and trade an array of Cronos NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Immerse yourself in a vibrant economy, leveraging seamless transactions and diverse assets to sculpt your digital fortune and strategic empire.

Lead Your Legion, Command Your Destiny

Command a legion of heroes and mystical Ryoshi in Ebisu’s Bay, where strategy and resource management forge the path to expanding your empire and achieving glory.

Battle for Supremacy: PVP Control and Rewards

In the heart of Ryoshi Dynasties, engage in intense PVP battles to govern the platform's reward system. Align in factions, conquer territories, and dictate the distribution of rewards, shaping the economic landscape of the marketplace.

Master of Realms

Claim your dominion in Ebisu’s Bay by owning land, unlocking valuable resources and escalating rewards. Level up your territories to enhance your empire’s wealth and influence in this immersive world of strategic expansion.

Tavern Games: Risk and Reward

Step into the tavern, where chance and strategy collide in thrilling mini-games. Place your bets, test your luck, and potentially reap significant rewards, or risk it all in the pursuit of victory.

How to Get Started

Head down to the Bay, connect your wallet and get involved!


Liberation Day Promo: Join Ebisu's Bay and Break Free from VVS and MMF


Father's Day with Dead Beat Dads

Introducing the Ebisu’s Bay Ecosystem Grant Program

Ebisu’s Bay is proud to announce the launch of our Ecosystem Grant Program, an initiative designed to foster innovation and growth within the Ebisu’s Bay ecosystem.

A New Frontier in DeFi: Rewarding Liquidity at Ebisu’s Bay

First and foremost, a big thank you to everyone who has participated in the launch of the Ebisu’s Bay Decentralized Exchange. As we navigate these exciting times, our mission to enhance and expand our platform continues. While we pride ourselves on having the lowest fees on the Cronos network, we are keenly aware of the need for more liquidity to facilitate efficient trading. This is where our valued community comes in — your participation as liquidity providers is vital.


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