Father's Day with Dead Beat Dads


A collaboration between Ebisusbay and Dead Beat Dads

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On a warm Summer night, on the 3rd Sunday of every June, Ryoshi villagers of Ebisu’s Bay can hear the slow trot and heavy breathing of a traveling merchant. They gather in the village square to welcome the Dead Beat Dad who left his family to earn $FRTN peddling NFTs.

Hard Working Daddy

During the week of June 9th through June 16th, traders can buy NFTs from various Dead Beat Dad collections, in hopes to win the Father’s Day trading competition, and the prizes that come with it. Top 25 traders will earn $DADDY and $FRTN.


  1. Dead Beat Dads
  2. Trophy Wives
  3. Teenage Dirtbags
  4. Battle DBDs

Total Prizes

The total prize pool will be based on the Total Volume (TV) traded on Ebisusbay, amongst all the collections above.

Tier 1: (TV > 200K CRO)

2M $DADDY and 100K $FRTN

Tier 2: (TV > 150K CRO)

1.5M $DADDY and 75K $FRTN

Tier 3: (TV > 100K CRO)

1M $DADDY and 50K $FRTN

Tier 4: (TV < 75K CRO)

750K $DADDY and 25K $FRTN

Prize Distribution

Top 25 traders will share the total prize pool. The distribution will be as follows:

Rewards Table


The competition will START Sunday June 9th at 12PM UTC (8AM EST) and END on June 16th at 12PM UTC (8AM EST).

Please allow time to tally trade volume amongst the various collections. Once complete, an announcement of winners will be made and $DADDY + $FRTN tokens will be airdropped to winning wallets.


  • 75% of royalties from sales of DBD collections will go back into DADDY-CRO LP on Ebisusbay, further strengthening the meme coin and EB DEX.
  • 25% will go to the Dead Beat Dads team for further project growth.

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